Respecting boundaries to create a true partnership.


respectful horsemanship

Jess studied and practiced natural horsemanship techniques for many years, but never fully agreed with all of the methods. She didn’t like instilling fear into a horse to gain his or her “respect,” but she did like the softness that came as a result of the work.

Because of that, Jess took bits and pieces from different natural horsemanship trainers to create something she calls “Respectful Horsemanship.” The fundamental belief of this program is that boundaries are meant to be respected by the horse AND the human. From this place of mutual respect, a true partnership can be formed and built upon for years to come.



What does your horse need?

Horses are deeply emotional and connected beings that are constantly communicating with us. Part of the Harmonized Horsemanship program helps you develop the skills and the ability to hear what your horse is trying to tell you, so that you can arrive to each session ready to meet them where they are. Not only that, but it allows you to share what you need from your horse as well, eliminating frustration on both sides!




Having a horse and spending time with him or her is supposed to be fun! As we all know, however, it’s easy to let stress, fear, confusion or pressure turn your horse time into anything but fun.

The Harmonized Horsemanship program brings the joy and fun back into your relationship…for yourself and your horse. From liberty work to trick training, developing a deeper connection with your equine partner through fun and stress-free methods can help you truly enjoy your horse again.