Here’s what clients are saying…


I have never met a horsewoman that is as good with humans as they are with animals. She teaches with love, care and compassion for all. I feel that some trainers in the past have had such strong opinions that I felt shamed in how I was doing things with my horses. Jessica listens to you and meets you exactly where you are in your journey, allowing you to learn and grow in a safe, supportive setting. For us, this resulted in an increase of calm confidence and a beautiful partnership with my horses.
I couldn’t recommend her more!!!
— Victoria, Parker, CO

Jess has worked with my daughter and our horses for several years. I have watched her grow in to the wonderful trainer she is. She continues to educate herself and learn how to connect with horses and meets them at the level they are at. I love watching her work with the horses and she’s a phenomenal instructor (in any discipline). I’d like to be just like her when I grow up :)
— Michelle, Franktown, CO

I cannot believe the progress I’ve made with Jessica. Countless times I’d hear the word “leadership” thrown around in clinics, and while I grasped that the concept was important, I really was at a loss as to how to put it into actual practice and was feeling pretty discouraged. In just a few training sessions, Jessica was able to pinpoint solutions to several major issues I was having with my Icelandic mare. While helping me manage my anxiety, Jessica taught me how to embody leadership to achieve security and harmony with my horse. She consistently provided supportive, encouraging real-time feedback, while challenging me to push my limits just a little bit more, never too much. She always kept it fun and celebrated all of our accomplishments, big and small, which has made my riding experiences so much more positive and has given me the confidence I need to deal with any issues that come our way. I can’t recommend Jessica highly enough!
— Sasha, Parker, CO

I have known Jessica Roberts for 5 years now. Her dedication & love for doing the “right thing for horses” has never wavered! She has stepped “out of the box” to bring both humans and horses to work together as a unit. The beauty of what she teaches is something magical.

Jess continues to strengthen her abilities by going to clinics to pass onto her clients. If you are needing help with your equine and want a relationship that goes beyond the average you owe it to yourself and horse partner to have Jess help you!
— Tina, Monument, CO

Jess has been doing an outstanding job with our four horses, assessing their needs as well as ours, and developing a strategy to bring us all together in a safe, fun way. She has a natural aptitude for understanding how horses communicate and uses that skill to help us interact more effectively with each of our horses (each having their own unique personality and needing a slightly different approach). The progress has been impressive, both on the ground and in the saddle. We couldn’t be more pleased with Jess as a trainer and as a friend.
— Seth & Julie, Franktown, CO

Jessica is a thoughtful and kind trainer that can take even the most closed off horse and make them shine. She has a special way about her that people and horses alike are drawn to. She will not be tied to time constraints and truly works with the horse to bring out the best in them. As far as people go, she is courteous in her way of explaining her process and wants to teach others her special way of communicating with their partners. She will treat you and your horse with love and compassion and really bring out the best of you. She has helped me to be a more thoughtful horseman and focus on the partnership with my horses. She’s also just super fun to work with. 10/10 for Jess.
— Jacquelyn, Carbondale, CO

I started working with Jess when things went south with my very sensitive mare. A previous trainer that worked with her was very heavy on the mouth, was creating a “false” collection and generally just made her mad. That, combined with some of my bad habits, really damaged our relationship.

Jess was wonderful at assessing the situation and we stripped away the problems, layer by layer, and rebuilt a wonderful and caring relationship between the two of us. We are back to having a great connection, on the ground and in the saddle, and I am getting her to move like I have never have been able to before.
— Jan, Littleton, CO

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