Working hard to help bring humans and horses together in harmony.




Jess Roberts, owner and trainer of Harmonized Horsemanship, is a horse trainer and equine behaviorist based out of Franktown, Colorado. Specializing in the horse and human connection, Jess combines a variety of different training techniques and approaches to create a deeper connection that results in a willing and happy equine partner. She has studied directly with some of the world’s renowned liberty trainers, as well as some of the nation’s largest equine positive reinforcement trainers. This education, combined with a degree in psychology and years of watching and interacting with a large number of horses, helps Jess to be a translator between horse and human. She focuses on some of the subtleties of horse behavior that are often missed or overlooked, giving the horse a voice and a choice throughout the training process.

Her program combines respectful horsemanship, liberty training, energy work and positive reinforcement to create a happy and willing partner that will remember what he learns for years to come. From colt starting to rehabilitating a rescue horse to deepening your connection with a performance horse, this program will help you get the results you're looking for.

Jess is here and ready to help YOU, whether you're scared, lost, confused, frustrated, or just feel like "something" is missing in the relationship with your horse. It’s time to Harmonize Your Horsemanship.

Jessica is a thoughtful and kind trainer that can take even the most closed off horse and make them shine. She has a special way about her that people and horses alike are drawn to. She will not be tied to time constraints and truly works with the horse to bring out the best in them.
— Jacquelyn, Carbondale, CO